I have a Seagull 203 from 1975.


Bought it new old stock still in box back in 1995 (Hong Kong)
The 203 is awesome. It is actually easier to carry in my pocket than an Agfa Isolette....
The Seagull with wind lever is easier to use and from the optical quality (see my Yemen / Sanaa travel shots) also pretty much the same as a Agfa Super Isolette, Mamiya 6, Zeiss Super Ikonta, Ansco Super Speedex, Iskra, Mockba 5, Certo 6 etc. etc.
Still quite cheap to come buy, the Seagull 203 is a true sleeper.
Few people realize the quality of a well adjusted not worn out
203, its a great everyday shooter with allmost Zeiss quality.
(Just watch out for a good one and NEVER change the
aperture when the trigger of shutter is tightened....this will jam the Compur licence shutter...
The seagull anastigmat 3,5 / 75 lens elements were imported from eastern Germany and only assembled in Shanghai, so the lens is a true performer...

Please watch my results:

I used one in Yemen to great effect. It was a lot of fun to use, and most importantly, it was easy to carry around. If I've done this properly, you can see some of the shots I did with it here:


Here are some further high quality shots of the Seagull 203, a friend of mine
made in China:


This camera makes great sharp details and a nice bokeh....love it.
My Iskra, Rheinmetall Welta (1Q super quality east German Zeiss Tessar lens !) and Mockba 5 isnt quite up to this wonderfull balance...
You wont find a nicer everyday folder 6X6 if you find a good 203 with well adjusted
rangefinder. Beware of worn out or damaged (Shutter/ trigger problems due to misoperation ) examples.


best regards