Bill was right. I fixed for an additional 3 minutes and the images cleared. Now, why literally fresh fixer (as in, a few days mixed) couldn't fix a roll in three or four minutes escapes me. This has been my process for at least 10-15 years with no problems. Clearly I made a mistake somewhere in mixing the fixer. I guess.

The other thing that threw me off, and I mean *really* threw me off was that my FE2 had a spring problem that I had to fix which caused multiple exposures as a result of the lever advance not "locking" between frames. This caused several blank frames throughout the roll which, unfixed, *appeared* like fogged out *latent* images. They were in fact unfixed *unexposed* images.. To the wise observation of another poster, the "fogging" was inverted.


Okay everyone, thanks so much for your input..

Onward...Perhaps a little more diligently in the near future..

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+1 on Mr Bill's comment, it looks like your fixer is going off.