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I'm curious about this Mark. I've been using T-Max films and following factory recommendations and using an incident meter. I'm not good at evaluating negatives but printing with a #2 filter results in a super contrasty print. I don't think I've ever had an easy to print negative using T-Max, unless it looked very underexposed. So at least with T-Max, what you're recommending isn't working for me. Tri-X OTOH, I've not had as much problems with.

Do you have enough shadow detail for your preferences? If so, and there is too much contrast, it could be overdevelopment. Note this does not mean Kodak's recommended development times are wrong. Perhaps your subjects are high in contrast. Even if this is not the case, there are several variables involved in the amount of development that occurs given a fixed development time. How accurate and stable is the temperature? What is the agitation procedure like? How much agitation? It should not be difficult to get good results with TMax films.