It is wonderful to have access to the experts from Kodak. This fluorescent image that PE mentions would have been fascinating to see. If it was a dye-transfer image then Frizza could acquire a dye-transfer relief matrix some way and simply use it to transfer a fluorescent dye onto print paper. You could try it with fluorescein dye which can be bought online in various forms. Fluorescein looks like it is a basic dye so it might require a mordant on the print paper in order to transfer well--perhaps chrome alum? Other fluorescent dyes include Rhodamine which comes in two forms, one of which is available in art stores. You might also use a dye-toning method to create a photographic image in fluorescent dye, cf. J.S. Friedman "History of Color Photography." If Frizza is really interested in fluorescent images he might find it easier to start off with the materials commercially available than try to find compounds made of rare earths.

Try drawing with the dyes also. This will give you a sense of what the fluorescent images look like.