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Thanks...but I was able to remove the film back and the film was completely rolled in the cannister. Soeren you stated "The only use you have for the darkslide is when removing the back from the camera. that cannot be done without it in place" I was able to open the back does it mean something is broken? I will back in acoule of days...crossing finger, eyes and toes. Although I am a Mamiya guy at heart, I really like the Bronny as I read it is refered as. BTW, I did not open the back midway and it was 120mm, I finished the roll.
If you can remowe the intire filmback from the camera something is not right.
You can however open the filmback at all times.
From memory: On the left side on the back there is a slit for the darkslide: behind it there is a small hole in which a pin in the slide fits. You will also see two markings, on mine its a white circle (up) and dot and a white square (down). The same markings is on the darkslide. The darkslide is because you may want to change films midroll: insert darkslide, remove back, install another back containing a different film, pull darkslide and.......
Your film should be ok.
Cheers Søren