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If I marketed a camera with a dial on the top that read HCB, AA, ATGET, Salgardo, Etc., with these settings corresponding to different aperture/shutter settings, would the general public really believe this and would it sell? Not that I would ever dream of doing this.
Would the public know who HCB, AA, Atget, Salgado, and others, were or are?

IIRC, at least one of the current Fuji digital cameras has a mode where different film responses can be set.

But the thing is, it's the subjects that made these photographers memorable! Setting the camera to Ansel Adams and then photographing a trash dump is not going to result in Yosemite. And setting the camera to Salgado and photographing lunch is not going to result in Workers.

It isn't about the camera. It isn't about the settings used on the camera. It's about glimpses into real life.

If people believe that the Picasso or Rembrandt paint brushes produce paintings like their namesakes, then sure, they'd believe it. And then you'd get sued for false advertising.