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Now he's really gone and painted himself into a corner. I've already decided that I'm never going to die...

If anybody can make money on something like film it's the Asians. The Japanese took the West's lunch once already in Photography, it might be a point of national pride to keep that industry from going to the Chinese or disappearing altogether. The Japanese need all the pride they can muster right now, it's been a hard twenty years for them.

I'm convinced there is now, and will continue to be, sufficient demand for B&W emulsions for at least two very efficient, properly scaled producers. If it's a last man standing war of attrition then one, maybe producing a very simple emulsion, like pre-2009 Tri-X. It has to be scaled right; there's no margin for error there. Chromes will eeck out a niche somehow.


PS - Do continue not dying. It's extra insurance.