I am not sure which section this should go in...

I just need some information to try and track down which step in processing causes this to happen. I dont have the equipment to scan or enlarge the negatives yet so I need a little help.

I have been getting a few films developed at tesco and I always get a cd. The quality of the pictures is inconsistant. Using the same camera and films the pictures I get back will be of different quality depending on who is on the photo desk. From some you always get good pictures back and others always bad The differences is usually grain and contrast. I am guessing overdeveloping but I am not an expert on colour process.

When I have brought them up on it before they said the processing was all automated and they had no control over it. I did initally put it down to the fact I shot some films overexposed as a series of tests but the films since then and the ones I have got back today are next to unusable and they were definately not shot over exposed. I am sure it isnt the equipment because if anyone else was on the desk I am sure from experience the pictures would come back excelent. My cameras are a Trip 35 and Praktica MTL5, I have others but these are the work horses.

It is also 2.30am and i am avoiding sleep right now, so I apolagise for any typos and mistakes. If I was awake enough I would probably try to edit some horse puns into this post.