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I actually have quite a quite nice supply of APX 100 (in bulk 100' rolls and in 120) , as well as some 25 and 400, in both 120 and 35mm. There are still a few bulk (100 ft) rolls of AGFA colour 35mm. There are also several boxes of 5"X4" (or in North American, 4"X5") APX 100 and APX 400 sheet film.

All of these have been in the deep-freezer since, I guess the earliest would be, about 1990; many, probably most, that are left, date from about the turn of the century. The past one, of course.

I'm not really attentive to the suggested expiry dates, probably because I rely upon the principles of physics and chemistry, which include the time/temperature/activity reciprocity model at sub-zero temperatures.

I have also stored several (8 or 10) Litres of 1993 to 2001 vintage Rodinal. Lovely, unadulterated, virgin bottles of the formula that I learned to love.

I cannot possibly use all of this film in my normal expected life span, but I still hope, as I'm sure each of you do, to outlive all the others.

None of this is for sale, of course ( such a coarse way of thinking about it ) but it would be nice to find that someone was interested enough to believe in this stuff.
Nice tease! haha. I'd LOVE to have just a few rolls in 120, but I'm sure you wouldn't want to give any of it up :-P I only have my single 25mm to trade.

On the Rodinal, as far as I understand it, the Adox Adonal is EXACTLY the same formula... they ALSO have the OLD formula which I guess was an old Rodinal that AGFA updated and for some reason Adox bought and produce both formulas (which honestly I don't know what the difference is, I'm sure you do). Why store that in freeze, get out there and shoot!!