OK, used the app a couple times today and here are my comments:

I used two timers, just in case the app didn't work for me. It's a good thing I did. During the development phase I noticed at the end that my GraLab was saying 30 seconds left and the app was saying 1:30 left. I kind of panicked for a sec, but the buzzer went off at the same time as the GraLab's time ended. So no foul there, just a bug. When the timer ticks under 1 minuted, the 1 sticks, instead of going to 00.

The screen had an arrow pointing to the right, so I swept my finger right across the screen and ended up back at the "Recipe Detail" page. The "Stop" phase was highlighted, so I hit start, which started up the "Develop" stage again. At that point I aborted and used the GraLab.
Later I learned that I needed to swipe "left" in order to move to the next screen. Maybe a dumb move on my part, but I'm sure others will make the same move. Maybe put a "do you really want to do that" popup if a person swipes right, after launching the develop sequence. Or only allow swiping, left to advance, and to go back to start, swipe down or up.

After creating a Recipe, I realized I forgot a stage. I thought I could just create a stage at the bottom and drag it into the proper place. It would be great to be able to rearrange the order of steps, after creating them. Instead of deleting 4 steps back, putting the step you forgot in place, and recreating what you did before. If there's a way to do this, and I missed it, please let me know.

Other than that I think the app is great! I like that it has a clean minimal interface. It allows flexibility in creating recipes. It does what it's designed to do. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

Oh, another thing that would be nice, is an option to be able to toggle airplane mode on, when the app starts a development sequence.