Well, I am fairly consistent, but not necessarily good, lol. I also plan to do regular processing - it won't all be experimental.

If I only use one given developer, in the same dilution, at the same temps and times, I will get better at it, but won't learn much. What I learn will be by mistake, not on purpose.

It may be helpful to illustrate how I think:
When I first learned how to make cookies, I followed instructions for the cookies I was going to give people, and they turned out fine. Then I experimented by altering the ratio of ingredients. Yes, I know you don't do that when you bake, and (knowingly) came up with some terrible cookie-shaped inedibles. One result was a very hard object that tasted a bit like a pancake. Not worth eating, but it did give me an idea of how things worked and how I could "tweak" them.