Smell that? Smells like snake oil. I'm sure it's a great paper but it is no exaggeration to say that for years michael and paula have said printing on AZO is akin to a religious, transcendent experience. Gotta invoke the ancestors, too, Stieglitz, ansel, they'll all pony up and testify. And of course all the tech specs about how great it is, about how it bends light and time space itself to create a portal into a realm of infinite tonalities and deep wells of Dmax that have been known to, it's been said, entrance gallery patrons for hours in rapturous ecstasy.. And of course the sob story. The poor photographers who risk everything to save the magic machines that make a magic paper.

Its great marketing, I'll give you that.

OH. And I've seen prints by M&P themselves. Lived in PA for a bit. Really really great stuff. Absolutely. But, well, see carnies post.