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Not that I needed it, but could not pass up an F100 body. I tried my Sigma EX Aspherical 28-70mm on but it doesn't like it. Too bad as I have that lens as well as a 24mm and 70-200mm that work fine on my N90s. I have a Nikon G AF 28-80 which works fine, but I'm not particularly fond of the G lenses. Any insights or experience with the F100 and compatible lens options would be appreciated. Off to do some searching.
Some 'after market' non makers lenses have a reputation for not being compatible with more 'modern cameras and this may be the case with yours. The circuitry may not be quite what the lens/camera combination needs.

I have a Nikon D300 as well as my F models and one of my lenses a 400 F4 Tokina will not focus with the D300 at all. Manually it will but autofocus - NO! The same can be said about the Sigma 70-300 too, on the film cameras it is fine but at 300mm with the D300 it is useless unless used manually.