I really haven't ready what everyone else has written, but I am sure the reply is along the same lines... This question at it's root is, well,, stupid. I don't even reply to this question that come to me directly anymore. If you have to ask it, you should not be doing photography to begin with. Just remember one thing. Those of us left [except the big god-complex stores], are not in it for the money. We are in it for photography.

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Which components or processes or forces that go into the manufacturing and distribution of silver halide emulsions contribute the most to the price we pay on the shelf, and to the rise in the cost of film? Is it the silver? The labor? The gelatin? The base? Reduced demand? How much faster has film risen compared to inflation?

I hear a lot about silver being the root. But I have it on good authority that one mole of silver is able to coat 1600 sqft of film. With silver being a bit less than a dollar a gram, that's about ~$100 per 1600sqft since one mole of silver is 107 grams or so. How many rolls of 35 doth 1600 sqft make? I'll tell you in the AM after I get some sleep.

Oh. And I also would LOVE some historical charts on the price of film, even just one emulsion, and even even just anecdotally.