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My regular exercise before I put negative in a negative carrier for enlarging.

- Wear gloves.
- Carry the camel hair brush in the pocket.
- Take negatives carefully from sleeves.
- Bursh it gently on both sides.
- Put it in a negative carrier.
- Print.

Occasional problems: Tiny strand(2-3mm in length << 1mm of width) which are invisible to eyes got magnified on the prints. Sometimes right on the face which is very distracting esp., when I try to show the prints to my wife.

May I know how to get rid of those strand?
If it is a glass carrier, you need to get the dust off the two sides of the glass in contact with the negative. If it is a glassless carrier, I usually would put the negative in the carrier first, then try to get the dust off of it. You need to have a bright light shine on it and hold it at an angle to see the dust. Randomly brushing the negative just puts dust from the brush on the negative. You need to see each dust particle and remove it. I think a blower works better.