Here is a very nice Canonet GIII which has been cleaned and re-sealed, which has had the viewfinder cleaned, the rangefinder adjusted (vertically and horizontally) and which is working just as it should in all aspects. It comes with the original Canon cap. The shutter and aperture are both working crisply, the meter seems accurate, battery check works, the lens elements show a bit of internal dust but no fungus nor mold at all, the self-timer works (which is rare), and from all indications the Canolite flash adjustment will work (which is very rare). Focus is smooth, cocking is smooth...and I'll include a battery adapter which will allow you to use common #675 hearing aid batteries (so that you'll not have to worry about Wein cells or other less desirable alternatives--a $14 value). And you can use this adapter in any of your other cameras using the old PX-13 or PX-625 battery. Some might describe this as mint or minty. I'd give it about a 9 on a scale of 10.

$75 plus actual cost of postage, and I'm happy to send it anywhere.

PayPal ok for international sales but cash, check or money order for domestic sales please.

If questions, please ask.