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Yikes - it is about time to get another 100' roll of TMY2. It is listed for $115 at Henry's. This is about double what I payed last year! HP5 is still somewhat reasonable.

Interestingly, TMY2 at BandHPhoto is only $65. I am wondering what the big difference is!
Precisely why I have not purchased any photographic materials in Canada in over a decade. I am tired of hearing the usual excuses of higher transportation costs, smaller markets, ad infinitum ad nauseam to justify the extortionate prices here. Personally, I often find myself wondering if the attitude of our national capitalist class is a legacy of pre-NAFTA: having a captive market, we Canadians often paid prices far in excess of those charged to our southern neighors (maybe some attitudes are hard to break...like the appalling levels of service we still have to suffer ALMOST EVERYWHERE we shop in this country!). Thank God for places like B&H Photo, Adorama, Freestyle and others that keep prices affordable (and offer service FAR, FAR BETTER than we could ever hope to have in this country!