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I'm new here, and I was just curious the average age of people on this board.
I'm 21, and in love with film, however even most older photographers I talk to are done with film forever.

By the way I didn't want to exclude anyone...
It's easy to see why most people abandoned film. They got bad results because they never invested any time in learning the craft. The easiest (but least efficient) form of learning is trial-and-error learning which even dogs use to solve problems. Not insulting dogs, BTW. With film, trial-and-error learning was expensive. With digital it became free. So we have a much larger crowd of good photographers, and good photographs because of digital, but many lack a deep enough understanding to handle unique situations. With film you need to know things beforehand.

Deliberate, goal-focused learning takes concentration and many of today's youth have been brought up on fast, or instant, gratification. If it takes too long they bail and chase the next shiny video game. You display a higher level of thinking ability by using film. At least that's my theory. Yet, both mediums make good photographs. Digital was, for me, the best teaching tool for film I ever had - for all the above-mentioned reasons.

I'm 50. I abandoned film. I found APUG. I came back to film. I still mostly suck.