I must admit I am quite pleased APX has such a loyal following along with the Rodinal.

I picked up quite a bit of Agfa film just after the bankruptcy and froze it, films like CT Precisa, RSXII, APX and Ultra 100 color neg film and Optima.

I just tried the Maco TCS Eagle asa 400 color negative film that is sold by Macodirect.de in Germany and it is quite pleasing, color similar to Ultra 100, a bit on the grainy side but nice, I have emailed Maco to see if this is a custom made by Agfa Belgium product, The TCS Eagle film specs document does not seem to match the Aviphot 400 speed aerial film from Agfa specs document too closely

Maco did however confirm that Aviphot 400 color neg and Rollei CN200 are one and the same.

I had read on one of the forums that Adox is just waiting for the current stocks of Leverkusen APX to run dry and is very much interested in producing a proper APX or an improved version, I still see APX100 for sale on the Macodirect.de website in 35mm size and the APX 120 is for sale on ebay.