I like to use gold toning on my salt prints but due to the huge hike in the cost of the toner it is now only very rarely used. My question concerns the life of the toner.
Now, I know that it is suggested that a litre of commercial toner tones only perhaps 10 -10x8 prints. Again I know that it depends on the density of the print which has an effect on the life of the toner.
BUT - lets take it that 1 litre will tone 10 - 10x8 prints. If those images are printed on, say, 11x14 fibre paper, would you still get 10 prints toned or less because the paper is larger.
My question, then, is this. When I tone my salts on thick art paper and say a 5x7 neg on 10x8 paper would the toner be used JUST for the 5x7 image or would the toner (and therefore the gold in it)be used (soaked up or whatever) by the whole 10x8 paper? And would I still get only 10 - 10x8 pieces of paper with 5x7 images or get more because the image itself which is being toned is smaller? Does the gold in the toner magically get attracted to the silver only or is it unreasonably stupid and get lost amongst all the substrate?