Okay I've been asked to make an offer on all of this kit????
"Any" good offer they said they would accept.

So take a look at this huge list and help me out with what you think would be a fair price. I've a little overwhelmed...

Hasselblad 500cm
Hasselblad 555ELD
Sinar F1

Hasselblad 40mm (f4)
Hasselblad 80mm (f2.8)
Hasselblad 150mm (f4)
Hasselblad 120mm (f4) Macro
Rodenstock 240mm (f5.6)
Rodenstock 150mm (f5.6)
Schneider 90mm (f8)

Hasselblad Film Back x2
Hasselblad Polaroid Back
Hasselblad Pro Lens Shade
Hasselblad Red Filter (93mm)
Hasselblad Yellow Filter (60mm)
Hasselblad Orange Filter (60mm)
Hasselblad Red Filter (60mm)
Hasselblad Grey ND 8X (60mm)
Hasselblad Polarizing (60mm)
Hasselblad Softar II (60mm)
Hasselblad Pentaprism,

Sinar Pentaprism
Sinar Wide Angle Bellows
Sinar Pentaprism
Sinar Wide Angle Bellows
Hasselblad Extension Ring 16mm
Hasselblad Extension Ring 8mm
Hasselblad Extension Ring 32mm

Canon F1n
Canon 28mm (f2)
Canon 50mm (f1.8)
Canon 50mm (f3.5) Macro
Canon 85mm (f1.8)
Canon 135mm (f2.8)
Canon 300mm (f4) Needs repair
Tamron 90mm (f2.8) Macro
Nikon 28-80mm (f3.5)
Canon Pentaprism (right Angle)

Bowens Boomlite In need of repair
Bowens Mono Silver
RR Beard 1000 Watt Spot (and stand)
Ianiro Redhead x2
Bowens Universal Spot/Projector
Vinten Video Tripod
Bowens Boomlite Stand
RB Redhead Light Stand x2
Billingham Canvas Bag - Large
Billingham Canvas Bag - Small
Aluminium case x2
Profile Case for Redheads
Red head soft boxes X 2

Metz 45 CT-1 Flash (and mains charger)
Metz 45 CT-1 Flash
Minolta Auto Meter Ivf Light Meter
Minolta Colour Meter II