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Paper made by traditional methods needs to be aged before sale. Addition of developer means this step can be skipped thus lowering costs. the downside is the shelf life of the paper is considerably shortened.

The Ilford rep told me this decades ago, when they had reps, but Ilford is playing the deny game now.
Do you know what qualified the Ilford rep to state this? How close to the "people in the know" at Mobberley was he/she? If it was decades ago maybe it was even pre-Mobberley. How long ago was it? Might it be that long ago that what he/she had to say bears no relation to Harman's manufacturing method today?

Any idea why paper needs to be aged before sale or was this some thing that the rep said and it sounded correct?

Did you notice any reduction in shelf life in your own case after the alleged addition of developer?

I'd like to get the bottom of what sounds like an intriguing explanation of an alleged change