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Hi Bert,
I see there are "groups" here on APUG, but I'm too new here to know anything about them. Seems like a "pinhole" group would be a good one if it doesn't already exist. I just quickly looked and only saw one for zero image cameras, but I might have missed something
Hello Ned,
I had the same thought yesterday when I was browsing through the groups myself. There are several interesting groups, but not a general "pinhole photography & cameras" group. The Zero Image group is "only" focusing on the Zero cameras (also nice).
Shall we start a group on APUG? I'll have to check what the rules & conventions are on APUG, but sounds good to me. I saw that most groups aren't very active, but let's give it a try.
What do you think? If you're willing to post & support as well, I'm willing to check it out at APUG and to start up the group.
Let's find out if we are alone out there, carrying a black box with a hole in it ......
Greetings from Bert from Holland
BTW: nice image. Can't do that over here right now: lots of snow and a freezing wind