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Hello Ned,
It seems you have to be a contributer to be able to open a group, so I finally became one to support this fine APUG site anyway.
I also started a "Pinhole Photography & Cameras Group" on this forum.
See: http://www.apug.org/forums/groups/pi...y-cameras.html
Hope to see you there as well ;-)
When I learned what APUG was, I am more than happy to support this site!
I'm in and will try to contribute. I am a novice, but it will be fun to discuss!

My "eternity" camera is coming together slowly: Saturday I got one of those big heavy paper cutters with a "chopping arm" to cut my mat material. I was using a paper cutter with a rolling blade and it was causing the paper cutter to wear out too fast: there is a soft plastic piece under the roller that wears out over time and it would have been used up by making so many mat cuts. I need it for cutting photo paper and trimming sheet film.

I'm also getting ahead of myself, but I ordered a Kodak 3A from the goodwill auction site that looks like it has a B&L rapid rectilinear lens. I've heard that a single element from that lens can cover 8x10 so I'm already heading in that direction. I love looking at my 5x7 negatives and can only imagine what an 8x10 would look like... plus it would be fun to try to contact print that size.

Thanks for starting the new group!!

Best Regards!