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Hello Dave,
I checked all 116 groups, but didn't see a pinhole related group besides "Zero Image Pinhole Camera Users" on this forum.
I checked just now again.
Am I missing something??
Could please direct me to this group? Or did you mean this forum we're posting/reading in right now?
And what is the difference between a Group and a Forum?
Thank you,
BTW: we can also be found on LinkedIn here: http://tinyurl.com/pinholegroup
Yes, I was referring to this forum (Pinhole). As to the difference between a forum and a group, that has always been a bit mysterious to me. I think it is mostly differences in the administration and the way the threads are integrated into the overall APUG structure in terms of new posts and notifications.

I note that some of the other groups which I belong to here (Canon FD, Folders, TLRs, Cyclists ...) see very infrequent postings. I can understand having relatively off topic 'groups' (such as cyclists) out of the main APUG new posts structure, but for something like pinhole activity, that's mainstream APUG as I see it.

I don't mean to detract from what you have put together, since you have a number of participants, it has apparently met a need. From my own perspective I have found the 'social networking' sites tend to have an awfully low signal to noise ratio. (Your experience may vary! )