I'm sure you get these posts all the time. I searched and found a couple, but they don't give me the exact information I'm looking for (ex http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/1...d-mistake.html -- http://www.apug.org/forums/forum40/1...velop-now.html)

I just want to ask because I shot some Tri-X at the presidential inauguration today and I want to save the film if I can...
I was shooting Ektar 100, and then I switched to Tri-X without setting the light meter to 400 iso. I shot two rolls of Tri-X at 100 iso.

To complicate matters, I shot some of the Tri-X using Sunny 16 with the help of an exposure chart (ie properly exposed), but at times, I thought, "this isn't matching what the light meter says" and would shoot some at what the light meter read (very overexposed) or take what the light meter reading and underexpose just a little because I felt uncomfortable due to the discrepancy. I know... stupid.
The roll first roll was mostly low contrast as it was very overcast, then the sun came out, so the second roll was pretty high contrast, moving back to overcast and low contrast by the end.

Is there any hope to save this Tri-X at 100iso? I sometimes develop my own film, but since it was a pretty important event, I don't trust myself and was planning on sending this to a developer and just make my own prints from their negatives. Should I ask them to pull it, or is it forgiving enough?