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Automotive sales are on the increase.

Film sales have at best plateaued, and may be still on the decline.

New film manufacturing is expensive to design and build.

And shareholders and creditors demand that that money be spent on growing markets, not markets that are either steady or declining.

If Kodak had been privately held, it probably wouldn't be trying to get out of bankruptcy now.
GM's market share dropped during their downsizing time. If memory serves GM used to have close to 50% market share in the US around 1980. Today that is less than 20%. Somehow they managed to downsize their operations and continue production.

No one is making any new films. Kodak is just selling their old formulations.

If Kodak downsized properly, they can adjust their facility to be the proper size. According to PE Kodak can produce a years demand of film in one day today. Kodak could easily produce enough to keep sales going while they re-tool their production to the smaller size.

Everyone always comes back with numerous excuses that say can't can't can't. Can't be done. I've never seen a more negative (heh heh) industry than film producing. Why is it ALWAYS can't be done?