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Thanks for the info polygot. The other thing I didn't mention is that the skies are all washed out, in every print. Not an ounce of detail in the sky! Again, I'm not pro, but all of these shots were exposed at hand held shutter speeds, with tri-x, so there should be detail there.
If the sky was cloudy, I would expect it to come out completely white on a print where the foreground is properly exposed because the difference in brightness is huge. If you want cloud detail and foreground detail, you need to burn-in the sky under the enlarger - just one tiny example of why people do their own printing instead of handing it off to a lab.

If you have a day of blue sky maybe with the occasional cloud, try a circular polariser or red-25 filter to darken the sky. Or at least an orange filter if you want to be a little more subtle.