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The more appropriate question would be, "Is there any Zuiko lens that is not good glass?". The 135f3.5 is a tiny little lens, and it is particularly striking as the silver nose. I agree that it is an odd length, but it would probably be very appropriate for portrait photographers.

It is so small that it is easy to keep in the bag "just in case", though. Given that it does not have a significant perspective distortion it is handy for framing distant scenes that you can't physically approach. I got some nice shots of Stonehenge from outside the fence with mine.

Thank you friends!

Tim,many people told me the same expression that you're saying now in this post..."is there any Zuiko that is not good glass"?...
I'm very curious:could you tell the Zuikos that are less performant...please?
I know that is a complicated question, because they say that all the Zuiko objetives are (at least) good glasses...
They say that there's not a completely bad or not performant models from the Zuiko's production.
They say that there're some Zuiko that aren't very good or excellent like the others,but they're all acceptable glasses.
Do you know what are these lenses,please?