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The negative certainly doesn't look underexposed. It looks fairly dense and contrasty. I'll have to read your post again, but I'm not clear on the specifics of this speed test methodology or the procedure you used for a maximum black time. I am also puzzled by what seems (to me) to be a very short "maximum black" time.

And just to go back a little to make sure, are you saying applying these procedures with Tri-X resulted in much different results when printing? Did you do the same type of test with Tri-X?

I'm missing something here.
Nope, I've never done any testing with Tri-X. This is the first test I've done with any film. Just n general I didn't have problems using Tri-X but I was also using a different enlarger. I should have tried a Tri-X neg with this enlarger today. Drat.