33 rolls of C41 film: Kodak, Fuji, and various store brands (which are also probably Fuji) - ISO 200 and 400. All 24 exposure per roll 35mm film (C41 process). The dating ranges from 2005-2011. This has all been stored cool and dry and most of it in the frigerator or frozen. I have shot from some of these lots (but not all) always with good results, however as usual with expired film there are no guarantees. Priced right. Weighs about 2.7 pounds shipped. Price: $45 plus shipping

New Telesor Mirror 90 right angle candid photography adapter. This device allows one to point the camera at right angles to the subject, thus allowing better candid shots. This will directly fit any 55mm threaded lens (same as the series VII thread), and almost any lens with appropriate step rings or adapters. Made in Japan to high standards. Price: $32 plus shipping

I can take PayPal, money orders, checks, or cash in payment and I can ship overseas. Thanks - David