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desertratt, I completely agree with your thoughts on the matter. I'm a fisherman more than a photographer, and I've lost count of how many packs, vests, boxes, etc. I've tried over the years. It's even to the point where I prefer different systems for different fishing situations (large or small fish, streams, big rivers, etc.). With this experience in mind, I'm just hoping to gather as much information as I can, and hope that I have a bit more luck in my search for the perfect system with cameras.

MattKing, I actually use and love a sling bag for fishing...I'll have to explore my options in them...
Billingham started as a company that made fishing bags, then adapted them for photographers. They are quite expensive, but seem to have set the standard for quality, of which I can't comment.

I use a Domke F6 in olive drab. When I worked blue collar it was perfect for one 35mm camera with lens and motor drive attached, one spare lens, and my lunch! It's held up pretty well, considering I used to have to cross train tracks, jump a fence, and walk across a golf course to get to work from the parking lot. The bag has plenty of padding on the bottom, but hardly any on the sides or top. The canvas is treated for water resistance that protected my camera through several Utah winters.