I turned 30 a half year ago, really wish I could have clicked the 20's button, I was proud of being in my 20's not so much in 30's not sure why, it just feels less "exciting" still I'm learning more.

I started shooting at 12 with 35mm film, in 2008 I went digital in 2010 I went film for exactly 1 month in December shooting only Kodachrome and traveling the country, then back to digital. Then in the beginning of 2012 I explored film again by accident (I found an old 6x9 120 Kodak folder camera for $20 at a tag sale, I thought it would be a cheap way to "play" with film on the side) and now a ton of film cameras and accessories later I have TONS of film, it's the MF that got me, hardly ever shoot 35mm except panoramics.

I think for financial reasons I need to step back and shoot more digital for a little while. I've got enough film and chemistry at this point but the time involved in processing and scanning and editing the dust spots out really cuts into my life. It's a constant battle between art (I prefer my film images for my framing and thought process to limit waste) and practicality (digital means saving on $ and time and not damaging the environment with bad chemicals and more working space with less miscellaneous equipment).

Honestly, APUG has kept me in film, it's the best resource for photographic knowledge and unfortunately I can't post digital images for critique or questions about issues from a shoot, so I'm almost forced to shoot film or I lose all my friends haha.

Film is a balance.

When is PE taking the poll, he'll shift the balance hehe


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