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I've got a few things that I would like to sell. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I just had to redo my computer and don't have any programs that will take photos from my phone to here. All prices shipped and paypal'd to the ConUS

I can email or text you pictures.

Nikon F2 Chrome with DP1 finder

User condition. Works perfect, Does not look perfect. Some black has been rubbed off on the sides and back, Some dents in the top corners. But again works perfect. Winder is smooth and all get out. Comes with cap.


Hasselblad Rapid winder LATE plastic black



Hasselblad Nc2-100 For use with type 100 instant film backs. With cover

Few nicks on black paint and Leather is all there but started to peal up so I glued it back down and is down but the glue got on the leather and it has a few shinier spots. Glass is perfect


Hasselblad EverReady case. Fits Hasselblad with a C 80 lens. Black, Perfect condition.


3x Pocket wizard Plus II


Get the Tapatalk app for your phone, you can upload images with it...


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