I've got about 10-15 old Kodak Gold films from 200-800 speed, I know I will have to drop the speed by a stop because they are all old and haven't been kept well. But I figure they would be good to practice some stand developing with cross processing in B&W chemistry. I've only done this once in Ilfsol 3 and the images were very dark and hard to see even after scanning.

There are various rules but I wanted to ask the experts.

I've shot a roll of this a few years ago and processed normally and the images were really grainy and dull so I would prefer to use this as B&W but also would like to stand process it and I've read that Rodinal is perfect for this, and since its finally become available again I bought some and would love to try it on this x-process. However I have the following developers available if there is a better choice in order of preferred and available...

Rodinal (Adonal)
Ilfsol 3

Thanks for any advice on times and dilutions (like 1:50 for Rodinal or 1:200 etc) as well as shooting EI for a stronger image to cut through the thick orange base when scanning. ALSO as I said its old film but for consistency sake, let's assume its new C-41 film and I'll do any age compensation.



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