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another vote for caffenol ... its good-stuff !


hi dorff

i just processed film in caffenol i mixed 2 months + ago which had maybe 8 or 9 rolls of film through it
and a handful of paper. no replenishment, just a seasoned batch ...
2 L lasted me 6 months last year, and hundreds of sheets /rolls of film + paper ...
YMMV of course
Since Caffenol has been a bit up and down for me, I just do not have complete confidence to use it for critical or once in a lifetime shots. Some will say the complete opposite, and I don't doubt that it works reliably for them. I do think that Caffenol requires more time and effort to understand and use than "brand name" developers such as D76, Rodinal etc., as there are more variables and more films that need special care. It is not a beginner's developer, despite what some may say. Okay if you are slightly bohemian about the results, but it has its advantages to be able to develop a film towards scanning or printing with greater ease and accuracy. Don't take this as me dissing Caffenol. I am only saying that with development being daunting as it is to a beginner, it is easier to use a one-shot developer like Rodinal - much less potential for disaster. Early disasters can put someone off film forever.

I would appreciate your formula for filter caffenol. Mine died after a week. User error somewhere on my part, but I don't know where. Do you add sulphite or another preservative?