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wow, Many different opinions and solutions for the same problem. Since any of them may potentially be the correct solution, I think the best learning experience for me would be to try them all, although I like the perceptol idea with no pulling. I think it would be good idea to run some test exposing a couple of more rolls emulating the same problem best possible. Then decide based on results. I will store this important roll on fridge in the meanwhile.

Thanks all.
do you have access to instant coffee, vit c and washing soda ?

you might consider processing your film in caffenol c if you are in the mood to experiment.
and / or half the time in caffenol c and half the time in whatever developer you might have lying around .... ( or mix them together )

don't be afraid to mess around with your film, if it isn't an extremely important roll you shot, you might stumble upon
something useful for the next time you accidently mis-exposed a roll ...