I have had good luck with a very filthy as it first came to me Fuji CP31.
I cleaned it with multple stewings with dilute toilet bowl cleaner, a few water rinses, and then finally a 1:20 dilutiion of a TC-1 tray cleaner I think is it's name, and maybe by edwal - I am not at the darkroom to look at the bottle.

It is a mixture of sulfamic acid and a chromate salt of some ilk- orange yellow. It does work well though, without a need to scrub, like the dilute toilet bowl cleaner sometimes does.
It keeps well too- I have been using the same 2L for the last 3 or so years, and it still cleans up the processor.
I just decant off the supernatant and pour out the cruddied that have seltled to the bottom of the jug to re use it.