I like B&H for a lot of my supplies but when in Vancouver, I support Beau as much as possible.

Part of the problem is that most film companies do not sell direct in Canada, they have a distributor who takes care of this - in Canada, this is generally a company called Amplis, who represents everyone from Tameron to Metz and yes, Ilford. Kodak is distributed by Hydes, which is owned mainly by Kodak, but also distributes other products (like Zippo lighters). Speaking with the Amplis representative (back when I worked in a camera store), while he would affirm the value of film for photographers, it makes up such a small part of the products line being sold, that it is difficult for Amplis to either negotiate a better price or worth their time to market aggressively. As a dollar value, they sell more Hahnemühle paper than film in Canada - when I told him that I bought my film from B&H, he said that B&H sells more B&W film every three months than Canada imports every year (not all of which sells). This quickly explains why prices are so much higher in Canada - it is not only increased transportation, distribution and importation costs, it is a matter of volume.

Good example, I bought 2 packs of 5x7 film from B&H for $98 including shipping/duty. My local camera store sells the same product for $74 a box (so $144) and because I used to work there, I asked what the actual cost Amplis charges is - $56 a box. So even if they sold it to me at cost, it is still $14 more than buying from B&H.