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I have to have 100%. I'm one of those guys that files their negative carriers. I shoot E6 almost exclusively, but I don't mount it.
+1. Back in the day, the 100 per cent viewfinder coverage of the F2 was one of the primary reasons for choosing the Nikon system. As well, as a newbie I recall thinking that the "filed-out" look was kind of cool (without really understanding that some shooters had an actual reason for filing out their neg carriers). When I set up my first darkroom a few years later, I filed out both my carriers (35mm and 6x6). To this day, I remain a "full-frame" shooter so the 100 per cent coverage of the F2/F3/f5/F6 remains critical. That said, I also own a pair of M6s, whose negs I also print "full frame"...with some interesting results. Go figure.