My first post here. I wanted to share an my experience in case others have similar ideas. I dropped off a roll of 120 color print film for processing about 2.5 weeks ago at my local Walmart as an experiment. Marked special instructions to develop only, no CDs, no prints. There are warnings that negatives will NOT be returned. I knew this warning applied to 35mm, and was hoping that it would not be "honored" with 120. Well today, I received my developed film back cut and sleeved. Price before tax was $0.84. I am sure there are risks of losing your film with this approach. But it's hard to argue with that the price.

Curious if an others have had similar experience they would share. BTW, I also within the last month used walmart for 35mm e-6 processing. Wasn't as cheap, I think about $6, but I received my slides back in cardboard mounts in about the same time frame. Of course these technically weren't "negatives". Though I doubt you would have much luck explaining that at walmart.

I plan to try them out again. I don't know if these experiences can be counted on.