Even the luminous paint on an old-school Gralab timer will fog certain films in trays. So will red LED's.
I put timers below the sink, where the film can't even see them. And no light trap it totally light tight. Let your eyes adjust long enough, then look at the film swishing in the tray, and see if there is any perceptible reflection at all. All enlargers leak light somewhere around the carrier. Most are
quite bad in this respect. Your paper might not get fogged in typical circumstances, but what if you
are projecting an image onto film, say for an enlarged neg, dupe, or interneg? Whole new ballgame.
Black wall, black countertop, black everything. Even handling film can generate static in cold dry
weather if you don't know how to suppress it. My film room is behind a darkroom, which is behind
yet another one!