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Gzzorrkk! Loud colors would be distracting. Not my idea of any place to evaluate either black and
white prints or esp color ones, or be trying to subtly tone them. But then, I don't like music in the darkroom either. I don't know how Fred Picker managed to print with Bach and Beethoven. I personally got a gout attack from listening to Handl while watching Barry Lyndon and all those frumpy
Englishmen eating pheasant and drinking port.
I like jazz to print by myself, typically streaming WWOZ or occasionally a play list off the iPod ap of my iPhone. But I do like music when printing.

I also shine my safelights off the walls, on purpose. You just have to test.

I understand Drew's point, but when I load film holders or developing tanks I turn the dial toward the wall (which is currently black until I get the real darkroom built - hanging black plastic as I mentioned) and I have no LEDs on. I develop in daylight Jobo tanks so no worries there. When I used deep tanks I used a countdown to beep timer that's not illuminated, but though I still have the tanks and thought about using them with Diafine, I haven't used them in years. So yeah, when I'm working with film that's different, and I work accordingly.