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I'm really glad this thread has value beyond my questions, keep it up guys!

I guess I am no hurry to make a decision quite yet, still need to finish my test trio and give it more thought. The tempting thing is the thousands of dollars of capital selling it all off would give me to buy more paper and other films...it's tempting. But if I can use TP to great effect that can in turn, become very salable prints, then it is worth holding onto.

I guess I just look at the workflow of shooters I respect that pull in great incomes from doing brilliant work on very simplified setups in terms of film, paper and even camera choice and know what that is worth too, consistency, more time in the field, less hassle, etc...
Hey Dan, was there ever a conclusion? What happened to the test rolls? Would love to see comparisons.

I shot and developed a roll of TP in DD-X the other day, very contrasty, shot at EI 8 I believe, but after looking at the film base, it's completely clear with no fogging (it was old stock from the 80's so I cut the exposure 2 stops but perhaps I could have kept it normal after seeing how clear the base was).

I've also been promised a bottle of Technidol from a poster and hope it actually comes but the DD-X sure gave fine grained (no grain) results but highly contrasty so wondering how your experiments went.



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