Another Vote for B&H. The deal with Purolator is a good one. A package starts at 8.95 shipping, while USPS charges start to 20 bucks. The B&H site will calculate the Taxes owing and B&H collects them as part of your order. I tried t work backwatds and figured that they probaly build in about 10 bucks for a papperwork fee, but even at that, it is still cheaper than the postal folks.

Freestyle does have a deal where small orders (under 150US) can go via a "postage arbitrage" deal where fed-ex ships them to a "random" contry where the postage costs are lower and mails them there. The order I tried came in a bit over a week and was mailed in sweden. Of course there is a bit of a risk of X-ray damage with that sceme. Not bad for chemicals.

Freestyle will also ship FED-ex, and it gets cheaper than postage at about a 20 pound order. Fed-ex will clear the package and charge Duty and Tax COD. There does not seem to be a clearance charge UNLESS there is more than 3 line items in teh shuippment, then you get charged about 5 dollars for each extra line item (not per item just one charge for each line on the invoice) so it is a good deal if you want the Private label stuff that Freestyle sells like Aristia Premium. {Note the premium in the last catalog was marked "Low prices while stock lasts" so the price may be on teh way up, or perhaps the stock will be drying up. The bulk is on their Clearance page)