Well, crud. Had comments for most of the 24 cards I've received typed in and apparently made a "gesture" on the mousepad and it's all gone. *&$!% My old Thinkpad died Saturday morning and I got this new Toshiba but I liked the old Thinkpads with the nubbin mouse better than trackpads. *Sigh*

This was sparked by receiving three postcards today, from two Blujehs and Rai. Love 'em all but Rai, my wife confiscated your card for her own collection and says that if I behave myself I can look at it every once in a while.

Anyway, it's bedtime for work tomorrow. I've received cards from (in no particular order,)

Lorifrommontana, Fozzle, Kraker, George Nova Scotia, mooseontheloose, rince, Oxleyroad, Jenni, afrank, BoxBrownie, drpsilver, jimo, ChristopherCoy, Jim17x, Ozphoto, Peter Schrager, anikin, MattKing, piu58, Mike Wilde (3), Blujeh and Ed Higham, Rai and, of course, mjs (me). Next time I'll do comments in text and then paste them into a forum post.

Thanks! It's been delightful!