About eight months ago I mixed a batch of Pyrocat-HD and planned to run a series of test against three developers that I really like. Those developers are WD2D+, Rodinal and Xtol. I also use a bit of Diafine from time to time, but those three I could get by with for everything. Well, to cut to the chase! I ran the first test against WD2D+ and Pyrocat-HD just didn't make it. In fact it failed to impress me at all. The negatives were far to thin and didn't seem as sharp as I had heard Pyrocat negatives should be. I increased the times by about 20% and still didn't get what I thought were good negatives. So I shelved the stuff and went back to what I knew and liked. Well, I just bought a bunch on Arista EDU 100 in 120 and wanted to try several developers with it since I heard it can be a little picky as to what it likes. Before I ran the test on the Arista EDU I had to shoot 5 exposures that were left on my Rollei. That done, I processed the roll of Tmax 100 in the Pyrocat-HD for 20 min@ 70 degrees semi-stand style. OMG what lovely negatives and they almost print themselves. I couldn't believe the difference from the first batch/try. I mean, it was like night & day! Now, what did I do different??? First thing I did was dump the old batch I had and then mixed a new one. That's all! Truth is, I think I somehow contaminated the first batch when I mixed it. Not the first time and probably won't be the last time I screw up. This time I mixed it in Glycol and it's now here to last now. This really is one great developer! It's going to be fun testing it against the others now and I got a feeling it might just come out on top of the heap with Foma 100. I'm going to log everything and I'll post my finding when I'm done. Hats off to Sandy and Patrick for their fine work in getting something like this out to us average Joe's. Happy days are here again! JohnW