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Dear MM Foto,

Firstly, you are truly and entirely allowed and entitled your own thoughts on DELTA Professional 3200and of course to share them... even though its a bit like you calling my kid ugly....it may be ugly... but its still my kid ! seriously, I respect your opinion.

I may be a little unusual in that I really do like grain, and I personally use DELTA 3200 in 120 virtually to the exclusion of all other film, and when I use it ( in my personal opinion ) its not dull, not flat and has grain that is sharp, as an FYI I rate it at 1600 and develop in either ID11 ( D76) or more usually DDX.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :
I love Delta 3200, and I don't work for Ilford. If it's flat, develop it more. It actually works great in T-Max developer since I happen to have that. I prefer to develop per data sheet for 6400 when shot at 3200 etc. Develop for one stop more speed than you shoot it at and it isn't flat. Looks great, amazingly little grain for the speed, available in 120. Great film.