It must be very close to Microdol if not identical. It is very likely ~5g/L Metol, 100g/L Sodium Sulfite and ~30g/L Sodium Chloride. We know from the current MSDS and packaging these ingredients are in there. The exact concentrations are of course proprietary. Microdol-X contained one or two secret ingredients, one of which was an anti-silvering agent which may or may not have made it slightly sharper than Microdol. Some people say it was a Mercapto compound but other sources such as Anchell/Troop claim it was a weaker type. PE knows what it was but he won't disclose it. Perhaps Perceptol contains something like it, perhaps not.

All I can suggest is that you try Perceptol and see for yourself if you like it. It is certainly a fine developer, but in the end it always comes down to one's subjective evaluation. I certainly couldn't tell the difference between it and Microdol-X, but that's only my opinion!