i just got off the phone with someone at fujilabs ...
the plant in greenwood processes the drop off film for
nearly the whole country ... there isn't a courier that picks up / drops off
the film any more, it is done via fed ex.
the person i spoke with said that if you live near a RITE AID pharmacy they
will return your negatives, wallmart, samsclub &c won't. she also said
that as of feb 1 2013 they will no longer have a 120 service.
35mm E6 will still be processed through dwaynes, and slides will be returned
it is just C41 that they discard the negatives, and upload --- >>print+burn cd's
at the store-location.

she also said they ( fuji ) does not have a process only service and that you could
refuse the prints at the store when you pick up the prints + negatives ( rite aid ) ...

sounds like it is almost time to buy a few press kits and process film oneself,
use a local processor, send out to dwaynes, or wherever you want, to bypass fuji altogether.